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Sharing joy throughout the year!

In December 2018 the LAG team organised a Christmas grocery and gifts for one family in Johannesburg. The family of six is renting one room and comprises of four children and their unemployed parents. They all survive by receiving food parcels provided by the Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, and the child support grants of the youngest three children. Two of the children have started school and are doing well. After learning of their living conditions, we were touched and felt the need to assist.

During the handover we encouraged the children to do well at school and we have made a promise to remain close to the family.

If anyone is willing to donate clothes and non-perishable food items, kindly email us on We need not wait for special seasons and special days to share joy with the less fortunate. We hope that our stories will encourage and inspire those that are privileged to assist in any way possible because if we all come together to lend a hand where it is needed, we can move mountains.